Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1, Sprint 2 - Who does QA?

Sprint planning meeting went well but in spite of spending 2 hours and 40 minutes we could not allocate all the time at hand. We had about 700 hours at hand, including QA. We were able to allocate only 430 hours in 2 hours and 40 minutes. There were two QA persons. They ran out of all their time. How do we handle this? We had following options:
  1. Scrum Master goes to QA manager and demands more QA resources for the project
  2. Developers take up some QA work so that amount of QA work required can be divided in QA persons and developers.
Scrum Master mentioning second approach was met with wide eyes from the team! No decision was taken in the planning meeting. We had to stop the meeting because the conference room was booked then after.

The Scrum Master spoke with QA manager but QA manager expressed his inability to get more resources. The idea of doing QA was discussed a bit in the morning meeting, but since most of the team was not interested in testing, the Scrum Master abandoned the idea of asking the team to qa their peers work.

It was decided later in the day that the team will work on infrastructure or any other issues they want to work on in their remaining time. That work will be considered "extra work" and will not be demoed in the sprint demo.

In true spirit of scrum, I think we, the developers should have taken up job of testing their peer's work. But I can understand that this is not easy to sell it to developers.

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